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"To Tell or Not To Tell"
How and When To Tell Him About Your Past - And How To Fix It If You've Already Said Too Much, Too Soon

Mimi Tanner takes you step by step into the murky waters of what, when, and how to reveal the truth about anything in your past - to the man in your life. 

Dear friend,

Many women have written to me with this very important question: 

"How much should I reveal to a man about my past?"

As part of my "Man Mistake Eraser" program, I wrote a long class with the answers to this question.  The name of the class is "To Tell or Not To Tell - What to Do when He Wants To Know About Your Past - and What To Do If You Already Told Him Things You Regret"!

Lots of women really need just this ONE class, so this week, I am offering this to those of you who don't yet own Man Mistake Eraser.  You can get just this ONE class - maybe that is the one you need for your special situation!


   "I used to believe in full disclosure, but, I have learned it is not a good idea. I told my soon to be ex-husband something about my past, years ago. His imagination is too vivid, and so, our marriage is now over. Next time I date a man, I will tell him as little as possible about my past."

 -- Natalie (not her real name)


What kind of past are we talking about?  To you, it may be one thing - to him, it may seem like something entirely different.  It's important to understand how men think so you can really be prepared for this challenging facet of most relationships!

For many, many women, their so-called "past" is a topic that will come up at some point in a relationship that matters to them.  This potential landmine needs to be handled with extreme care - even if you may think that this couldn't apply to you and your relationship.

The "past" can mean many things.  We're talking mainly about your past romantic life, including the number of men you may have been intimate with – and whether any future man in your life has the right to know or even ask you about the facts about your past love life.

Even a great man may temporarily become fixated on your past, until you set him straight. The reason for this sometimes is because he's falling in love with you.

The good news is that in almost every case, it is possible to regain your dignity and his admiration, even if you have made the mistake of telling your man something you wish you had not revealed – because either it was not necessary or because he was not able to handle it well.

Here are some of the topics we will talk about in "To Tell or Not To Tell":

You Think This Will Last, So You Reveal Too Much

The Dangers of Revealing the Past 

Very Few Men Have the Right to Even Ask About Your Past

Does He Really Need to Know?  Why?

Even Wonderful Men Can't Handle the "Past" – More Often Than You Might Think

Men Who Want to Know Your Past for the Wrong Reasons

Men Who Use Your Past Against You 

What You Reveal to Him May Not Stay Private 

"But I Want To Tell Him About THAT!"

Most Readers Agree:  Think Twice about Sharing the Past

What To Do When a Man Wants to Talk About Your Past

Dealing With Regret and Remorse

Virgin or Not?  When will that be his business??

When He Wants to Know How Many Men You Have Slept With

The Risks of Being "Open and Honest"

The Difference Between Discretion and Secrets

Medical Issues - what should you talk about, and when?

Should you use humor at a time like this?

How to Talk to Him about Your Past

When He Won't Stop Asking

What if he keeps talking about HIS past?

What to Say When He's Obsessed with his Ex:

How To Recover When You've Revealed Too Much Too Soon

Case Studies!

What Women Are Saying

You go Mimi!  I hope these women "get" what you are saying.

You are a potential life preserver for many, Mimi.....I hope they grab the HUGE BUOY OF INFORMATION  you throw to them as they flail along in the sea of offer them the ways and means to preserve their precious life, sanity, dignity and INTEGRITY!!!!!!
S. G.

Dear Mimi,
Wanted to give you a thanks for your amazing work. I've purchased almost all of your programs, and today I purchased your "Man Mistake Eraser" guide.

I just want to say, from someone who's read EVERYTHING there is to read about dating/relationships, nothing comes close to this!!!

Finally, a positive out look and an ANSWER on what to ACTUALLY do instead of pages and pages of junk! I'm a huge fan of yours and will continue to support ANY of your work!



Mimi Tanner's work is loved by readers worldwide. She is best known for her daily email column, and for her books "Calling Men" and "Secrets of Flirting with Men."

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Your complete privacy is assured.


"To Tell or Not To Tell"

"How and When To Tell Him About Your Past - And How To Fix It If You've Already Said Too Much, Too Soon"

Value - PRICELESS. It can make or break your relationship - now or in the future.

Only $27 - for a limited time! 

44 pages.  14,000 words - no fluff.  The real deal. 

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To Tell or Not To Tell
 by Mimi Tanner

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